I. C. O. N. S., Inc.

Who We Are

I.C.O.N.S. is an interfaith council collaborating to provide for the food needs of our citizens and to help eliminate one of the core issues surrounding poverty -- lack of financial management and budgeting skills.  Our mission is Christian-based, recognizing that it is not enough to feed a man a fish for a day, but to teach him how to fish for a lifetime.

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What We Do

I.C.O.N.S. Food Bank feeds once monthly qualifying clients from St. Landry Parish, with the exeption of Eunice, Washington and Sunset/Grand Coteau since they have food pantries.

Through the BAUD program, we assist clients with budgeting their monthly bills free of charge, requiring control of said income until their bills are balanced and they are able to control their income.  We counsel the working poor on ways to earn, save and manage income.

Clients are required to pay back amount of borrowed money as a sign of control of their budgets.

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Contact Information

Address Information
1411 N. Market St. (physical only)
186 Cypress Dr. (mail only)
Opelousas, LA 70570
Office Hours: Mondays and Thursdays only 9 am to 12 noon.
Contact: Dana Reed
Contact Title: Volunteer Director
Phone: 337-594-8845
Fax: 337-594-8845
Email: cajunreeds@charter.net
The mission of ICONS (Interfaith Council On Needs, St. Landry, Inc) is to fee the hungry and to assist those in need with budgeting, bill paying, strategies on getting out of debt.
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