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A Few Good Men...and Women

The agency's biggest need is volunteer mentors, with emphasis on male volunteers. The majority of children referred to the agency are from single-headed, female-headed households with a mom seeking a positive role model for her son.

Female volunteers are also needed, especially in the School-based Program. Teachers and counselors often refer young girls who are in need of additional positive support and guidance.

The agency asks for a minimum commitment of one year from a volunteer with the option to continue the match relationship into future years. Many of the agency's matches remain together for many years, some even through the Little's high school graduation.

And the time commitment is usually far less than a potential volunteer imagines. In the Community-based Program where the Big Brother/Sister picks up his/her Little, the matches are asked to meet at least twice a month. There is no set number of hours required, simply spending time together running errands, going to the grocery store, baking cookies, visiting local parks and libraries.

In the School-based Program, we ask the Bigs to visit their Littles at the child's school 3-4 times per month during the school year. These match meetings usually last for 30-45 each visit, and matches can go to the school library and read books, share lunch in the cafeteria, or simply walk around the school grounds. Teachers will usually have a work assignment for the child to complete as well, and all arrangements are made by the agency case managers.

Need Type: Volunteer
This Need is ongoing
Agency Requirement: >18 years old
Zip Code: 70570